Twilight Rocks – Literally!

This contribution is really from Safura Abdool Karim, already famous on this blog because of her wonderful Readathon entry….Mrs W put this on a national school librarian’s network and was thrilled with the emails of ‘well done Safura’ that she received in reply.  A big thank you to all girls and staff who entered the competition.  Staff winners were Ms Watson and Mrs Goldman, with a consolation prize to Mrs McWilliam for being the only admin. staff member to enter. All girls who entered will be treated to a little prize at Vida e Caffe!


Hey all you Twilighters of DGC…

Fresh news on the Twilight front – The band ‘The Bella Cullen Project’ has signed a deal with Freshly Squozen Records and released their debut self-titled album.

The band is the first of (hopefully) many Twilight Fan Bands to do so.  All 13 songs are on the theme of the first 3 books in the Twilight series.  They include ‘Bella’s Lullabye’ and ‘Charlie’s Answering Machine’, an imagined scenario in New Moon featuring the vocal talents of Brett Moore.

Also on the album are the band’s previous internet hits ‘Sexy Vampire’ and ‘Vampwolf’.  You can listen to 6 of their 13 songs and read more on their official site  and their Myspace page

Here’s to a band as great as the series itself!  No international releases have been announced but watch this space!


Safura Abdool Karim


Readathon 2008 – Competition results!

Girls and staff were asked to add a verse to Richard Peck’s poem……

Click on comments below the poem to read some of the awesome responses.

Ms Watson and Mrs Goldman won the staff prizes and won a dinner at Olive and Oil in Glenwood and Spiga D’Oro for their efforts.  All girls who entered are treated to coffee and a muffin at Vide e Caffe and Safura Abdool Karim can take 2 friends along with her for coffee and muffins as she is the main winner!  The question is…..will they discuss what they are reading?  Absolutely!

Well done and thank you to all entrants and a very big THANK YOU to Olive and Oil, Spiga D’Oro and Vida for their generous donation of prizes. 

Mrs W put Safura’s poem onto a Librarian’s network and had a really positive response from colleagues in other schools.

Wonder what will happen next September?


Just read Richard Peck’s poem….then comment with a verse of your own (just one, or maybe two….) and put yourself in line to win a prize.  Competition closes on 4 September, so think quickly….. 

‘I READ:  because one

life isn’t enough, and

in the pages of a book

I can be anybody;


I READ:  because the

words that build

the story become mine,

to build my life;


I READ: not for happy

endings but for new

beginnings; I’m just

beginning myself, and

I wouldn’t mind a map;


I READ:  because I have

friends who don’t and

young though they are

they’re beginning to

run out of materials;


I READ:  because every

journey begins at

the library, and it’s

time for me to start



I READ:  because one

of these days I’m going

to get out of this

town and I’m going to

go everywhere and meet

everyone, and I want to be ready.’



Richard Peck

American author of young adult literature  (1934 – )

The start of a term, the birth of a blog

Welcome to the third term of 2008.  After a month’s holiday, we are back and ready to attack the last half of the year with gusto.  Even though the sounds of the girls were missing from the school’s corridors for the last few weeks, it has been far from quiet.  Building improvements have taken place in  a concrete way and also in cyber space.  This blog is one of the results.

So, explore a bit and tell me what you think!

What Mrs Walker did next…

Just before the end of last term, the Senior Librarian, Mrs Walker attended the International Book Fair at the CTICC in Cape Town.  For a full report and photographs, open the page of this blog entitled ‘Cape Town Book Fair’.